Weddings in Edmonton during the pandemic

My 2020 was the year of wedding-postponement misery, 2021 was the year of sweet, sweet delayed gratification — of long-planned events finally coming to completion and bursting out of every venue that could possibly host one. Couples were scrambling to lock down vendors, prevent coronavirus outbreaks and manage their ever-fluctuating expectations for guest turnout. Guests themselves were exhausted.

Shooting amid social distancing requirements, dodging coronavirus droplets in big crowds (a strategy that worked until it didn’t) and pulling way more “doubleheader” weekends than usual.

My busiest season was in summer when I had 8 weddings in a month. Some of my weddings and engagements are in Banff, which is pretty challenging because I have to travel back to Edmonton for my weddings and engagements.

I will share with you one of my favourite weddings from last year. These two are the sweetest couple that I have worked with. Their wedding was postponed a few times, and have decided to have an intimate wedding instead.

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