Nic and Paige got engaged at the Gapstow Bridge in Central Park, New York, and they are supposed to get married this year in Banff. But because of the Covid restrictions, their families in the U.S. can not come to celebrate their wedding with them, so they have decided to postpone their wedding next year. In the meantime, they did their fall engagement session in Edmonton and wants to include Sammy the not-so-Goldendoodle to be in their engagement session in Edmonton. So, of course, engagement photos with dogs are my favorite! I am so thankful Sammy was cooperating with us the whole time, and the photos turned out great! So here are some tips for taking engagement photos with dogs. Keep reading.

Dogs in engagement session

Be Prepared

Dogs are a member of the family! Let your clients show off their love by picking him up for a big hug and a kiss. Be sure to capture the shot quickly to keep it fun and relaxed for everyone. Quick tip, I usually prepare my framing, camera settings and then direct my couple to make sure I get the perfect shot!

Engagement with cute dogs in Edmonton
cute dogs in engagement

Bring some treats

Being a well-behaved dog model can be challenging. Be sure to bring some treats along to keep them feeling appreciated. Snap a few shots of his excitement when he gets rewarded.

Outfit ideas for engagement session

Dog Break

Give pups a break as you don’t want to stress them. Otherwise, they won’t cooperate! It’s also the perfect time to photograph just the couple.

Sunrise engagement session in Edmonton
Couples engagement session in Autumn
fall engagement photography with dogs in Edmonton


Highlight the beauty of the season and your local area in your favorite dog-walking spot. While most public spaces are dog-friendly, busy locations can be distracting for your pup. I suggest that you begin at a quieter place so they can focus. There are so many locations for engagement sessions in Edmonton that are dog-friendly. Choosing a familiar place can also be helpful.

Nice and Paige engagement with dogs

Dog Essentials

Lastly, don’t forget to remind your clients to bring the dog essentials. I’m pretty sure they already know that but, it cost nothing to remind them. Preparing an outfit for an engagement session is not as easy as you think. Click here to see more of my engagement sessions gallery.

engagement session outfit