05 Best Wedding Game Ideas

05 Best Wedding Game Ideas

Hosting wedding games for a wedding party wouldn’t be complete with wedding games. However, there are many fun wedding games for the wedding guests to participate in.

Because nothing’s more unpleasant than getting a marriage reception full of sitting visitors who look tired and perhaps a bit bored. So, it’s always good to have some games at weddings. These games can be an excellent entertainment for you as well as for your guest.

The games can become a funny and also a perfect part of your party. However, it is also true that some of the games may not be good. However, some games are even considered embarrassing. 

To this end, you will need to know some games which will fit your party. And also, the games that will suit all the guests at your party, no matter how old they are – Let’s get started:

1. Picture Guessing

It will be good to have a wedding game which can fit every guest. So, this game will be an excellent addition. Also, you need some guests who have already got married. 

You can collect their wedding picture. Then you will number these pictures. Also, you will ask your guests to map the picture with an individual guest. It will be even more interesting if you have guests who got married forty years ago – Your guests will also enjoy their old sweet memories from the pictures.

2. Guess the Titles & names

This is another fun game. You will then prepare some titles of movies and names of songs which are related to weddings. Of course, you will be writing these titles and names on pieces of paper. You will then ask your guests to pull a name or title and draw the name or title. Also, other guests will try to guess the titles or names from the picture drawn.

3. The Wedding Shoe Games

The wedding shoe game is an essential part of the wedding reception because it sure is fun. If you’re struggling to come up with wedding shoe game questions, you can surely ask your friends and family to submit wedding shoe game questions to your wedding website or IRL on the big day. The bride and the groom each take off their shoes, and swap one so they each have one of their own and one of their partner’s. The DJ, MC, or another host like the best man or maid of honor can then start to ask them a series of questions. And also, to answer the questions, the bride and groom each lift a shoe, or sometimes both to cast their vote on the answer. Indeed, it is a fun game to be included in your wedding games!

wedding games for your wedding day

4. Wedding Dress games

The “Wedding Dress” game is great fun for everyone. So, choose someone, probably the bride’s mother or the groom’s mother or their attendants are good choices, and you fashion a wedding gown from toilet paper. And then, divide the wedding guests into teams of three to five people to create the dresses. You can also create accessories, but everything has to come from toilet paper. Also, the bride chooses the winning team and each member of that team receives a gift. However, with the pandemic, it would be wasteful to use up all that toilet paper.

5. Trivia Games for wedding

Let us first of all talk about a very classic and simple game. In this case, you will need a few pieces of paper. Also, you need to figure out questions about the bride that will be written on each piece of paper. Then you will put the pieces into a bowl. Of course, you can also put them into a hat. Then, the questions will be pulled out one by one. So, the guests will try to answer the questions. Thus, the guests will be trying to guess the answers. 

The advantage of this game is that every guest can take part in it. You could also prepare some prizes for your guests. In this case, the guests who can answer most questions correctly will be given a prize. Also, remember, you do not write questions that are too boring. 

Instead, you will need to make sure that the questions are fun. Of course, you will not want to embarrass the bride. To this end, you will probably be able to understand that setting the question will be the key for this game.


If you are helping the bride or groom in planning the games, you will then need to discuss them with them. You also need to tell him or her about their wedding game ideas. Make sure that she knows them well so that you can have real fun at the party.

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