Shotlist for Grooms Getting Ready

Here are the Must-Have Shots for the Groom.

Start with the Grooms details. Feel free to be creative with this. Always anywhere closer to the window has the best lighting. This is not a priority shot, do this only if you have enough time or the groom is not ready. Spend around 3 – 5mins on these or leave them if the groom is ready.

Let the groom put everything on except the coat, tie, and shoes. Tip: Before shooting the Groom, find a spot that you think has good lighting so you never readjust your camera settings. I would prefer a solid-coloured background or anything neutral.

Let the Best man or ask the Groom who he wants to help him put on his suit coat. Don’t be afraid to direct them. If you miss the shot or are not happy with the shot, tell them to re-do it but only once or twice.

Keep in mind these simple Preferred Settings:

Groom Only, shoot at f1.2, f1.6. Do not shoot at f4.

Groom with Best man, f2.

Groom with groomsmen, f2.8 – f4 (Keep them in the same focal plane so no one gets blurred)

Unbutton and close the upper button until you get the perfect shot.

Grooms portraits. A mix of Whole body, half body and tight shots.

If you notice, I shoot almost ways in PORTRAIT orientation to eliminate useless space and focus more on the subject.

Check these guides as well.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,